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​Lost Keys Gain Entry Non Destructive In Market Deeping

Chubb 3G114 Pin & Cam

Chubb 3G110/Detainer locks Pick & Pin

Legge Pin & Cam

ERA Fortress/Yale/Union Strongbolt Decoder

Securefast BS/Non BS Decoder

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Union BS/Yale/Chubb Decoder

Opening Mortice Locks Non Destructively

Services Overview.

  • Discounts for letting agencies/landlords and senior citizen
  • Local locksmiths we are not a national/call centre
  • All our engineers are fully qualified and certified locksmiths
  • 20% discount on serviceable locks that need to be drilled if picking attempts fail
  • Advice on upgrading to British Standard Anti snap locks
  • ​High Security Locks Picked Not Drilled
  • ​Experts In Opening Mortice Locks Non Destructively
  • UPVC repair
  • Door/window furniture fitted
  • Out building/garage security
  • Key holder/premise check
  • Repossessions/warrents
  • Residential/commercial  
  • Non Destructive gain entry service

About Us.

New Service

A comprehensive locksmith service in Market Deeping Peterborough.

At Protech Locks Locksmiths Market Deeping Peterborough we offer everything needed to ensure the quality of protection and advice you and your family receives is of the highest calibre.

We can cover a broad range of locksmiths services with a high standard of workmanship with an emphasis on non destructive entry in lock out situations.

We have invested heavily in specialist tools and decoders to offer this service as many locksmiths may claim to offer non destructive entry then use every excuse why the lock needs to be drilled.

We always offer a 25% discount on fully working locks if picking attempts fail and we are not able to open the lock without damage and see this a personal defeat.

If a locksmith advertises  non destructive entry and fails to do so we think it only fair to offer a discount and this is what sets us apart from many other locksmiths in the area.

Who do you put your trust in ?

Nothing matters more than keeping you, your family,and your livelihood protected. That's a large responsibility.


Are you ever safe enough ?


With burglaries on the increase and police cut backs it is more important than ever that you have British Standard/insurance approved locks fitted.

​​​​​​​​Unique Services

Decoders for Non destructive opening of  mortice locks


Most residential burglaries committed now involve lock snapping.

With standard euro cylinders it can take as little as 90 seconds to gain entry.

Most insurance companyies now expect British Standard locks fitted to all exterior doors as minimum.

Not all British Standard locks are anti snap for this you need a 3* TS007 cylinder.

A quick note on the opening of mortice locks non destructively.

Not so many years back drilling mortice locks was the done thing and very common as there wasn't the different decoders on the market then.

Now there is so many quality decoders that work very well locksmithing has moved more towards non destructive openings and lets face it who wants 1 2 or maybe 3 holes drilled in your door let alone pay out for a new lock.

A lot of the time if the lock can be decoded and opened without damage you maybe able to swap the lever pack instead of a new lock saving you money.

Even though decoders are very costly with the right investment we can give a more professional service and save you money.

So if you need a mortice lock opening in a non destructive manner Protech Locks are the company you need.

  • Non destructive entry

  • Lost/stolen keys

  • Burglary repairs

  • British Standard locks

  • Insurance approved locks

  • All locks fitted/repaired

  • ​Lock and key service market Deeping